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We’ve got snow..

After last year’s misery, you may have decided that snow just isn’t for you. Our kids, however, are a different story.

Here’s what a blanket of snow means for each of us:

For adults

  • added anxiety to get to & from work
  • pain & aches from clearing windshields and driveways
  • constant paranoia of being inadvertently hit by a snowball

For kids

  • added vacation days due to school/daycare cancellations
  • sledding!
  • hot chocolate
  • snow angels
  • more hot chocolate

Clearly, the perspectives are different…

Stay safe!

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Happy New Year!

For parents of toddlers,  every approaching year presents new milestones, more excitement, some challenges, and plenty of joy.

Whether 2012 marks the year first words are spoken, first steps taken, or perhaps the start of the “terrible twos”, one thing is certain: it will be memorable no matter what achievements your child makes.

From our family to yours, we hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Best wishes for 2012!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving – The Best Time of the Year

When it comes to holidays, it doesn’t get much better than Thanksgiving. Aside from the hassles of traveling, there is usually very little to complain about. When else can you overindulge in food, spend quality time with family, and walk miles in the mall looking for bargains?

From all of us here, we hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving! 

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November Surprise!

One of the reasons we love the D.C. area – the roller coaster weather! 


It’s hard to believe, but November is half over, 2012 is inches away, and we’ve had our first snow fall. With that said, yesterday’s 70 degree weather seems like the strangest thing to wake up to on a Monday morning in November.

But instead of questioning the reasons behind the region’s bizarre weather patterns, let’s agree to spend any time we’re privileged to have above the 60 degree mark the way we should; out jogging or walking with the kids, playing catch and riding swings in the park, and touring fun outdoor sites like the National Mall or zoo.

We hope you made the best of it!